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Welcome to our roasted coffee page. We're glad you're here. Sweet Maple Café Bakery and Deli and Gourmet Coffee House is located in the quant village of Conway, New Hampshire and is locally owned and operated. You’ll find locals and visitors alike taking advantage of the Free Wi-Fi working on business or just checking their email while sipping on one of our specialty beverages. We offer a variety of coffee alternatives such as our gourmet hot chocolate, latte, mocha, cappuccino, americano, valley steamer, or an espresso to just name a few.

The specialty Certified Organic Arabica Coffee you are considering for purchase is small-batch roasted by the caring hands of Good Vibes Coffee Roasters located in North Conway, a small town in the White Mountains of NH, where their passion for coffee and life harmonize with the beauty of nature and small town values.

Sweet Maple Café Gourmet Coffee House offers roasted coffee by the pound in heat sealed airtight valve bags for you to purchase. Packaging your coffee the way we do uses the CO2 given off by freshly roasted coffee to push any trapped oxygen (the enemy of coffee freshness) out the valve. The valve is designed to let the CO2 and oxygen out of the bag and keep it out.


Certified Organic Gourmet Coffee:

For those of you who know what you like but would rather spend your time drinking your coffee than contemplating the nuances, we give you our Gourmet Coffee House Light Roast. A sweet, tasty regular cup of coffee. You’ll Love it!

Our exclusive Organic Espresso is roasted in the Italian espresso tradition. The body is medium to full and the finish simple and rich. Our organic espresso is outstanding for cappuccinos, lattes, mochas and is loved by the straight-shot espresso enthusiast.

Decaf lovers rejoice! Our special Organic Decaf Espresso is a wonderful option for those seeking latte’s and cappuccinos. You will also be pleasantly surprised by the rich taste even in straight-shot espressos.

Our Medium Roast - The organic house blend we serve at Sweet Maple Cafe. A medium roast of South and Central American coffees that brings a balance of chocolate and citrus to the cup. Notice how the chocolate fruit intensifies as the cup cools.

Our Dark Roast is a organic dark roast that is every bit of bold but never burned. A blend of Central American and Indonesian coffees that is smoky and smooth with a buttery body developed by coasting into the end of the roast.

Our Hazelnut - We don’t skimp on the quality of the coffee just because we flavor it.   Our Hazelnut comes from a solvent-free flavor system that uses no chemical solvents or carriers.  The result is the best natural tasting flavored coffee you can buy, with no bitter chemical aftertaste.

Beverage Bar

Our trained Barista’s are here for you! We can steam up your drink with whole milk, 2% milk, or with organic soy milk. Here are a few of our delicious offerings.

Coffee of the day
Espresso Shot
Café Mocha
Caramel Macchiato
Toasted Almond
Mocha Americano
Valley Steamer
Chai Tea Latte


Premium Whole Leaf Tea:

Experience the authentic and unique character of premium whole leaf tea that travels from the field to your cup. Mighty Leaf sources its whole leaf teas from around the world and manages the blending and packaging of teas to ensure consistency and quality in every cup.

The art of blending comes from creating signature whole leaf tea blends that delight the senses is both an art and science. Mighty Leaf’s reputation as one of the finest purveyors of premium whole leaf teas is based on their unique approach to developing signature blends.

Step 1: Premium Whole Leaf Tea - Mighty Leaf always starts with whole leaf tea sourced from the finest tea growing estates and regions in the world. They taste and cup the tea to ensure a consistency of aroma, freshness, integrity of the leaf, flavor and color of the tea’s liquor. Like wine, differences in taste can be attributed to location, climate and how the tea is processed. These factors are all taken into consideration when sourcing whole leaf tea for a particular blend.

Step 2: High Quality Herbs, Fruits, Blossoms & Spices - Whether Chamomile from Egypt or Mint from the Atlas Mountains in Morroco, Mighty Leaf takes pride in sourcing the highest quality fruits, herbs, blossoms and flavors for its signature blends. They examine the integrity of these individual ingredients to ensure that color, flavor and aromatic requirements are met.

Step 3: The Blending Process - To create a blend, they combine together the premium whole leaf teas from different origins and marry with the fruits, herbs, blossoms and flavoring that work best together to produce signature tastes that have become customer favorites.

Tea is gaining more popularity in the United States, even though it is the second most popular beverage after water in the world. The world of tea is wide and vast, but you can start here by learning about the basics of tea.  Armed with knowledge about its history the tea plant itself, how to brew, taste and cook with tea, you will be well on your way to becoming a tea expert and lover.  We invite you to discover the magic of the Mighty Leaf and get infused!

Need a fabulous space with convenience for a business meeting, birthday party, wedding shower, or intimate gathering? You’ve got to check out our Cafe. Just call ahead, and we can reserve an area for you. Can’t get away? No Worries! The Sweet Maple Cafe Bakery and Deli can come to you. We’ll gladly cater your event and guarantee you’ll be very pleased with our unsurpassed quality and friendly service.

Open Everyday 7-5 | Serving Breakfast till Noon (Fall/Winter) Serving Breakfast till 2PM (Spring/Summer)

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